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In The Media

I love doing podcasts, video, and live speaking events! If you would like to record a conversation with me, email me at

vetthrive collective podcast

I had an amazing conversation with Dr. Megan Alderson about wellness for parents in the veterinary workplace. We need to bring our whole selves to everything we do.


Same interview with VetLife Reimagined but video format (she did a fabulous job editing this) for those of you are visually oriented.


It was so fun to talk to Dr. Megan Sprinkle about parenting, doula work, and what to look for in a job when you are thinking about having a baby. So much more to explore!


Shorter snippet specifically about some options for maternity leave pay.


Coming Soon! Subscribe so you hear when this episode airs.


Shorter snippet from VetLife Reimagined Interview discussion types of doulas and what I do specifically.

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