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This is the day you meet your baby.  Let's make it memorable in the best of ways.

Emily Taylor Yunker, DVM, VMRT, CVH, doula


You are a successful, intelligent, hard working veterinary professional. And you are pregnant and preparing for the transformative life event of becoming a mother. You want some knowledge and support.  But attending a live class (even online) seems impossible with your schedule. And you already know the anatomy and physiology. Conventional childbirth classes seem like a waste of time and money.

You need a course that fits within your life and covers the information you want.  Let's discuss the unique challenges you face working in veterinary medicine while pregnant, nourishing a healthy pregnancy while working overtime, postpartum bonding and recovery, breastfeeding while working, and proactively supporting mental health as a veterinarian and parent.  Apply anatomy and physiology knowledge to yourself.  Go beyond the usual labor comfort measures and learn why birth as a human may be different experience than you would expect based on observations of other mammals.  Learn how to actually improve your outcomes using this knowledge.  Apply your communication skills and research skills to cultivate true shared decision-making with your birth team.

You are a successful, intelligent, hard working, informed, powerful, veterinarian mom.

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Childbirth Education for Veterinarians, by a Veterinarian

Learn more about course offerings, including The Comprehensive Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Education Course

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